1947 Team Trivia

Trivia questions that are answered in the book.

  1. What SMU played blocked for both Tom Landry and Doak Walker during their college football careers?  (Page 63)
  2. What student mentioned in the book was sued by another student for defamation of character? The trial was featured in The Dallas Morning News and noted to be the biggest non-football story on the SMU Campus during the 1948-1949 school year.  (Page 42-43)
  3. What major character of the book’s college football team had a record of 25-2-3 when he played for this Kentucky  school? (Page 30)
  4. What player on the 1947 SMU football squad was dropkicking footballs over a backyard clothesline by the time he was in kindergarten?  (Page 23)
  5. What SMU 1947 player held the SMU career interceptions record for over forty years?  (Page 73)
  6. What 1947 Player was affectionately known as “the hermit from Kermit?”       (Page 66)
  7. What 1947 SMU player was call the “usual buffoon” by The Dallas Morning News and wrote the song “Oleander Trail” at the age of fourteen?” (Page 68-69)


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