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Kissing SMU Goodbye

T.R. Williams only attended Southern Methodist University for two years. But during those two years, he made friendships that have lasted for fifty years.

Living in Dallas since he graduated from SMU, Williams has attended hundreds of SMU home football and basketball games since 1967. He was a season ticket holder in both football and basketball for many years.

SMU in the 1960’s where the party never stopped

Through his SMU connections, Williams met Joe Redwine Patterson, 1947 SMU Head Cheerleader, who was proclaimed by the SMU Daily Campus in 2016, as SMU’s biggest fan of the past century. Inspired by Patterson’s stories and tales of SMU, Williams was motivated to write, “Glory on the Hilltop – The Story of the 1947 SMU Football Season.”

After two and a half years of writing, editing, researching, and conducting interviews with some of the 1947 SMU players, it is the author’s opinion that most of Patterson’s stories and tales rang true. The 1947 SMU football season was, “Glory on the Hilltop.”

Per William Shakespeare, the story of 1947 SMU football, is in the category of “a tale well told.”

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