“Some called it luck, others called it destiny. But Doak had a natural knack for pulling off great deeds. He was the ideal player and the ideal boy. Nobody ever played football like Doak Walker.”   

                                Matty Bell recalling Doak Walker years after Doak retired from football


“We realized the importance of both legislative acts and individual rights, but when the legislature had not infringed upon the judiciary, then there is no reason to declare the act invalid.” 

                               SMU Chief Justice Ellis partial ruling on Aaron Spelling vs. Joe Redwine Patterson


“If the death penalty was intended to change a place forever, then it has succeeded here. SMU is chastened and fearful, with modest expectations. There is no place quite like it in college football. Probably never will be again.”

                               Quote from Sports Illustrated’s article  “The Loneliest Loserson the  SMU 1987 football death penalty


“A 2010 NCAA report examined the athletic department budgets of SMU and the other 119 Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) schools. Ninety-eight lost money. Between 2007 and 2010, the median annual deficit for these colleges was about $9.6 million. During the same period, the SMU athletic department lost $18.6 million annually – nearly twice the median deficit of the other schools.”           

                                 Mackenzie O’Hara, writer for the SMU Daily Campus, comment on SMU football deficits


“After the first fall practice, the team gathered on the practice field and set a goal of the 1947 season. The Mustang’s team goal for the 1947 season was to have an undefeated season and go to the Cotton Bowl.”      

                                Dr. Frank Payne’s 2016 quote on the goal of the SMU 1947 football team


“We were a team of average talent, except for some talented backfield players like Page, Johnson, Payne, and McKissack. Of course, the team had one player by the name of Doak.” 

                                John Hamburger’s 2016 quote regarding the importance of Doak Walker to the SMU 1947 football team


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